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3/2: Women for Rebecca Prozan

0 Comments 09 February 2010

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A Civil Rights activist * A grassroots organizer * An Assistant District Attorney * An Obama Delegate * A Recreation and Park Commissioner * A Special Assistant to the Mayor * A Legislative Aide in the district she seeks to represent…

Rebecca Prozan represents the best of San Francisco!
Please join her friends and supporters for a special event:


Women for Rebecca Prozan
Candidate for San Francisco District Supervisor


Join Co-Chairs

District Attorney Kamala Harris
Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier
School Board Commissioner Rachel Norton
State Board of Equalization Chairwoman Betty Yee

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Rebecca’s history with the women’s community goes way back to her days with Mayor Willie Brown where she preserved funding for domestic violence shelters, organized the Mayor’s Summit for Women, and sheparded the landmark CEDAW legislation (Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women). As an advocate for children and families, Rebecca fought to keep recreation centers open while serving as a Recreation and Parks Commissioner. As a veteran Prosecutor, Rebecca prosecuted cases protecting teenagers from sexual predators. In 2008, Rebecca received the District 8 Woman of the Year Award for her work and service in the District.

Tuesday, March 2
2348 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94114

Donation levels: $25 to $500

Please RSVP to or on facebook

Rules and Regulations Regarding Contributions

Contributions are not tax deductible. Rebecca Prozan for Supervisor 2010 may accept contributions of up to $500 from individuals, PACs and non-incorporated business entities; under new San Francisco rules, we may not accept contributions from corporations, whether for profit or not.

We may not deposit your check or credit card payment without your signature, name, street address, occupation and employer, and may not accept cash, cashiers checks or money orders over $99. Among other restrictions, we may not accept contributions from persons who are negotiating City contracts subject to Board of Supervisors approval or who have received such a City contract within the last six months, or from the directors, officers or owners of companies who have received or negotiated such contracts. Contributions must be made from your personal funds and not be reimbursed in any manner.

FPPC# 1322356

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