Moving San Francisco Forward!

Dear Friend,

As a high school student, I started the Political Action Club. Other people were cheerleaders and football players, I had campaigns. Through the years I’ve been fortunate to work on numerous Democratic campaigns, and running for the SF DCCC allows me to meet voters one on one at their homes, at bus stops, and at farmer’s markets. The political process is in full effect as early voting starts this week.

Please contribute $500, $250, or $100, to our campaign, to help me reach a wider range of communities in our city.

Your donation will mean that critical mail pieces will reach more voters and move San Francisco forward. Not only will our campaign grow stronger reaching more voters by the day, but all of our communities will participate in this vital election.

I want to reach more voters, and I need your help to do so.

As people begin to vote this week, we move one step closer to deciding the future of Democrats in San Francisco.