I'm Getting Out There

Dear Friend:

With the spotlight on Donald Trump and national elections, our democracy is taking on a whole new meaning. Today is the final fundraising deadline, and the last chance I can raise the money needed to reach out to more San Franciscans about the importance of my race for Democratic County Central Committee.

Can you contribute $500 to our campaign today?

I’m doing everything I can to reach voters in our city and tell them who I am and why I should be on the DCCC. Talking to voters at doorsteps and at bus stops continues to inspire me. In addition to traditional mail and the Where’s Prozan social media campaign, we’ve also created a video to share my story and my values with voters. 

But today will determine how much I can spend doing that. Contribute today so I can continue communicating with voters about my campaign.

So many of you have reached out to help and I’m so grateful. With your help, I’ll keep my seat on the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee. Thank you for your support.



P.S. Click here to find out more about the Progress Democrats coalition that I am proudly a part of.