Every. Vote. Counts.

Dear friend,

Believe it or not, the Election is in five days! There are 39 people running for 14 spots on the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee in the 17th Assembly District.

Please click here if you can volunteer your time to talk to voters on the phone or at their doorstep. 

This race will be a nail-biter, with many seats up for grabs. Previous elections have been decided by as few as 30 votes. You have the power to influence this key local election. One phone call or conversation with your neighbor could mean one more vote in an election that will be decided by people like you.

If you can’t commit your time to our campaign, please contribute today so we can reach more voters in these last days leading up to June 7th.

June 7th, an important day for the direction of our City, is quickly nearing. We need your help today.

Please also take a moment to learn more about the Progress Democrats coalition I work with to provide solutions for our City's challenges.

Thank you for staying committed to our campaign and supporting our vision for a dynamic San Francisco that embodies Democratic values!

All my best,