About Rebecca

My values were shaped at the dinner table where our family gathered every night. My parents’ favorite question to us was,

“So, what happened in the world today?”

They then challenged us to “change things for the better.” I learned the value of listening, of bringing people together, and have dedicated my life to meeting their challenge, to change things for the better, one community at a time. 

Rebecca Prozan is a policy leader at Google, working to forge cutting-edge partnerships with San Francisco’s diverse communities. For almost two decades, Rebecca has had opportunities to shape policy and help the public in varying roles, including the Mayor’s Office, the Board of Supervisors, the District Attorney’s Office, the Recreation and Park Commission, and the Elections Redistricting Task Force. Throughout her public sector career, she worked to find innovative solutions to the city’s problems by bringing people together, listening to different points of view, and crafting ways that made things work.