I’m Rebecca Prozan (何賈仙) and I serve on San Francisco’s Democratic County Central Committee.


Described as the local arm of the Democratic Party, this committee directs local policy and field activities. Simply put, we do all the things a local party should, like register voters, endorse local candidates and initiatives, educate the public on endorsements, and get out the vote. All with the shared mission of making sure our party and our local government embodies San Francisco values.

Our City has a stellar reputation for moving the agenda forward, particularly when it comes to making marriage equality a reality or revamping our criminal justice system. We’re fortunate to have all of our elected officials aligned with the Democratic Party. I’ve been honored to work closely with these Democrats: Attorney General Kamala Harris, Mayor Willie Brown, District Attorney George Gascon, former Supervisor Bevan Dufty, City College Trustee Steve Ngo and School Board Member Rachel Norton.

Elections are important because we can elect leaders with courage. And while elections raise the issues, we must work even harder to push an agenda that allows everyone the opportunity to be called San Franciscans. People move here - and decide to stay - because of who we are. There’s a specialness to our City that is like none other.

My background gives me a unique opportunity to bridge City Hall, community, law enforcement, tech, and business sectors to seed this agenda. Check this site for blogs and vlogs on what we can do to keep San Francisco ours and keep us pushing the envelope forward across the country. My hope is that this site will find real solutions on local and national issues facing our City and our Party.

Thanks for visiting.